This is the ideal time to take advantage of this offer, as Furloughed staff can take online training without breaching the furlough conditions.

How it works;

Just go online to, order some safeguarding credits (excludes Crisis Safeguarding courses), and we will give you the same quantity again free of charge on the next working day.

Offer applies to;

Example: If you place an order for 10 Online Safeguarding Training credits and pay for them on a Saturday (using your discount code if you have one), you will get instant access to those training credits as normal. On the following Monday, SAFEcic will add another 10 Safeguarding Training credits to your account, free of charge.

If you do not already have an account with us, one will be set up automatically as you complete your order.

Note: Our training credits do not expire, so you can buy credits to be used at any time in the future.


This offer does not apply to our Crisis Safeguarding Courses special offer of £6 per credit (maximum 4) for voluntary groups set up to help in the crisis, as these are already very heavily subsidised.

This offer applies to online purchases only.