Online Safeguarding Training

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Special Crisis Offer 15% off these Online Safeguarding courses (when credits purchased online).

Each credit bought here can be used for any of these courses (click the title for course details):

Just add up the total number of courses you need, and purchase that number of training credits. You then select the courses you want and who takes them using the SAFEcic Training Management system. Alternatively, tell us what you want and we will sort it all out for you, free of charge.

Everyone who needs safeguarding training should take the appropriate "Standard" course. People with management responsibility for safeguarding should also take the appropriate "Leading on" course. Charity Trustees also have responsibility for ensuring their Charity is compliant. See this page for a more detailed explanation.

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All of SAFEcic's safeguarding courses are designed, developed, tested and delivered by SAFEcic's own expert in-house multi-agency team.

The courses are of excellent quality, highly interactive, quality assured, certificated, include resource packs and are continuously updated to reflect, as relevant:

tickthe Care Act 2014, Care and Support statutory guidance (updated 2020)

tickChildren Acts 1989 and 2004

tickstatutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 (updated December 2020)

tickKeeping Children Safe in Education 2020 (updated 2021)

tickWhat to do if you're worried a child is being abused 2015.

tickother legislation and guidance across the UK, including the Channel Islands

They also meet or exceed the requirements of all relevant regulatory authorities and professional organisations including:

  • Ofsted,
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • CET Optic (Child Safeguarding Course for Opticians, only)
  • Charity Commission
  • General Dental Council (GDC) (all courses, verifiable enhanced Continuing Professional Development under the General Dental Council’s Lifelong Learning Scheme.)
  • local Safeguarding Partnership, Board and/or Committee requirements
  • all sector regulators across the UK

Please Note: Neither Ofsted, nor CQC regard training courses in child protection and safeguarding children or in safeguarding vulnerable adults (now termed adults at risk) to be sufficient on their own. All organisations working with adults at risk and/or children and young people also require adult safeguarding policies and adult safeguarding procedures and/or child safeguarding policies and child protection procedures to be in place and up to date. All references and information required for organisations to create their own is available here on our website. We also offer proforma policies and procedures (updated when appropriate) free with SAFE Membership which can save many hours of work.

Please see our T&C for usage/refund details.